News about the two labyrinths on the church grounds.

Herbal Tea from the Gardens

From World Labyrinth Day (May 2018), photo of Sandy serving her herbal teas to an enthusiastic group. Sandy makes a ginger-sugar syrup and uses a special apple mint for the tea.

Recipes for teas

From Sandy Riecken

Ginger syrup recipe – makes 1 litre/ quart

¼ cup cane sugar

3 … read more.

Herbs and Four Directions

Altar set up for a summer solstice celebration with noisemakers, colours and herbs representing the four directions/ elements.

In our earth spirit gatherings, we call the four directions (or elements)–a metaphor for bringing into our awareness various qualities that provide balance in our lives and relationships.

We … read more.

The Garden Path and Courtyard Labyrinths in June

Thanks to Keith Wilkinson for these photos of the labyrinths taken Sunday, June 10, 2018.

Courtyard Labyrinth Sunday morning.
We often paint rocks at GLAD, Gathering for Labyrinth, Art and Dance.
Start from the doors that open from Hewett Centre. Walk on the grey to the centre and … read more.

Living Labyrinth Update August 2017

Our living labyrinth has been very thirsty in recent days. Without water for nearly a week, I found that the thing about plants growing long roots when you don’t water regularly really is true. I moved a few calendula seedlings and their root was very … read more.

Planted Labyrinth closeup Photos

Taking a walk on the planted labyrinth, you’ll see a lot more detail than the view from outside.

Here’s what’s showing up on June 15, 2017.Thank you, Darlene, for enjoying walking the labyrinth in the rain in her bare feet and taking these photos … read more.