Speaker: Louise Bunn

Air Communion

Each year, our worship services feature classic elements of water, earth, and fire as means for celebrating our communion as a congregation. We share feelings and thoughts together in fellowship when we bring water in September, flowers on Mother’s Day and when we kindle flames on the last Sunday of the year. Today, we bring air, the fourth element to our service. Come prepared to breathe.

Air Communion Service by Louise Bunn

See below for a link to Louise’s sermon, readings and chart of correspondences.

Each year, our services include Water Communion, Flower (Earth) Communion, and Fire Communion. With this service, we complete the cycle of the four classical elements with an Air Communion. Come prepared to breathe.

Order of Service

August 12 2018 - Air Communion (622.8 KiB)

August 12 2018 - Air Communion Insert 1 (28.8 KiB)

August 12 2018 - Air Communion Insert 2 (77.7 KiB)


Air Communion Homily (106.3 KiB)