Zoom Coffee Hour Hosts Needed

Ms. Brown and Mr. Smith (their real names) need your assistance.
When a few of us put “coffee hour” on zoom mid March 2020, we had no idea it would be for 14 months and counting.
Summer is coming and two of the 4-person team aren’t available.
In any event, Donna and John and Erin and Nan have done a year of hosting and it’s time to pass the flame. Can YOU carry this flame?
We’re looking for 4 volunteers, each person to take responsibility for one coffee hour per month. Coaching and training and support available. You need to have access to zoom through a computer so you can set up the breakout rooms and be willing to sign in about 10-15 minutes before the service ends to set up the breakout rooms and welcome people when they arrive.
You get to say “hello” to everyone as they arrive, so a good chance to meet people–a little like serving coffee in the before times. You’ll always have a co-host, and once everyone is sorted into their groups, you can either join a breakout room yourself or leave our virtual Hewett Hall.
Perks: If you’re using zoom for other reasons, you’ll learn a lot about how to use it more effectively and how to help less experienced people get where they want to go. You get to hang out with Mr. Smith and/or Ms. Brown–two of the nicest people in our entire congregation. (IMHO – Mary Bennett)
Please contact John Smith, Donna Brown or Mary Bennett if you’d like to know more.
One of us can set up an orientation or you can dive in and schedule a date to be a co-host and learn the ropes.


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