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… cities consume 78 per cent of the world’s energy and produce more than 60 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, they account for less than 2 per cent of the Earth’s surface — UN Habitat

The Zero Waste Team challenges consumption and disrupts consumer culture by hosting events and workshops on Ethical Eating, Composting, Reducing Food Waste, Buy Nothing, Make Smthng, Mending & Alterations, Slow Fashion, and much more …

We’re a group of a dozen or so Unitarians and friends who like to share our enthusiasm for reducing waste.

In 2020 we met with our Congregational Administrator to discuss how to reduce waste on site, including composting paper towels from washrooms, ensuring kitchen food waste go into our round black bins to have the red wriggler worms turn it into compost for the gardens and asking caretakers to be aware of recycling systems. In the new year, now that the site is active again, we might plan another meeting.

We’ve hosted workshops related to reducing waste.

We usually host a forum (online last year due to Covid) on reducing waste during the winter holidays, a high consumption time if we’re not vigilant.

If you’re interested in environment team work, this is a small and friendly place to start.

We’re very open to your suggestions and support.

Here are some past events initiated by team members:

  • Slow fashion monthly meetup, bring your own project and work on it together
  • Plastic-free July, encouraging members to make a pledge
  • Forums on various topics from composting to recycling

As Home Hardware says: You can do it! We can help! UCV has many spaces that can be booked for small groups and a paid zoom account, so gatherings can be small groups. Someone on our team who is experienced with the system for booking and advertising can help you gather a few people together for a gathering, whether one-off or a monthly drop-in.

If you’d like to be part of a group related to zero waste, to borrow a phrase from Home Hardware, … You can do it! We we can help!

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