We gather in worship to find meaning and live more deeply. Worship creates connections within, among, and beyond us, calling us to our better selves, calling us to live with wisdom and compassion.

Unitarian worship styles vary by congregation, and even within congregations. Some congregations’ worship is contemporary and high tech. Some congregations’ worship is traditional and formal. Some features exuberant music, some includes long periods of silent reflection.

Our congregation’s Sunday worship service includes:

  • Words of welcome
  • Lighting a flaming chalice, the symbol of our faith
  • A multi-generational “story for all ages”
  • Music, both instrumental and vocal and in a variety of styles
  • A time for sharing the joys and concerns of the congregation
  • A meditation introduced with words and including music
  • Readings—ancient or contemporary
  • A sermon given by the parish minister, a guest speaker, or a member of the congregation
  • An offering, collecting financial donations for the congregation or for justice work in the community.

From time to time, worship services incorporate holiday celebrations, multi-generational plays and pageants, longer musical performances, child dedications, and coming-of-age ceremonies. Children have a place in worship supported by volunteers in our pray ground in the Sanctuary or spirit ground in the Hall (for more spirited connections.) Child specific programs and festivals are offered throughout the year during worship and as special events. Youth meet together to build community, fun, and leadership on Sunday afternoons.

The presence of children is a gift to us all. Welcome!

  • We Welcome Wiggles
  • We believe children’s whole selves belong in sacred spaces
  • Kids learn worship by being present
  • Smiles Build Community and Compassion
  • We want to engage with kids—we invite you to sit towards the front right section
  • We are all role models—greet questions with gentle whispers
  • The Pray Ground is for stretching out and hand busy activities
  • Please feel free to come and go with a child as needed
  • The service is livestreamed to a screen in Hewett Hall with a playroom open for use as desired
  • Nursing parents are welcome everywhere—there is a comfy chair in the Hewett playroom if you want more privacy