Women’s Meditative Poetry Circle

Inspired by the Morning Meditations with Rev. Lara, some local women as well as members of Canadian U*U Women’s Association invite you to a Meditative Poetry gathering on Rev. Lara’s “off” days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday.)

Mondays at 4pm Pacific/ 7pm Eastern etc (founders: Bec Smythe and Mary Bennett)
Saturdays and Sundays at 9am Pacific/12 noon Eastern etc. (founders Kathy Sayers and Mary Bennett)
Click the following link to join the meeting:
Mary’s objective is to make her mornings go better and read more poetry. Both are almost lifelong goals worth revisiting regularly.
You are invited if you identify as a woman or are non-binary, gender queer or gender fluid. I/we invite suggestions how to ensure this is a welcoming space for you.
The link above takes you to a “jitsi” room. Jitsi is similar to Zoom but a little different, so sign in early if you’re new so you can learn where the mute/unmute button is. In the unlikely event the facilitator doesn’t show up, one lovely thing about Jitsi is that you’ll all be there any ways, so settle in and read poetry. Similarly if you arrive early or stay you can chat with anyone.
We’ll all take turns facilitating. The facilitator will:
Light a chalice and welcome people. Ask everyone to mute themselves.
Read a poem written by a Canadian woman 3 times with a 3-minute pause between.
Participants will listen during the first reading for feelings stirred.
During a 3-minute silence participants will write in their journal or simply sit.
Second reading, listen for memories that are stirred.
Third reading, listen for a message.
Facilitators may occasionally add a comment or two between each reading or not.
At end, facilitator can invite people to share if they wish.
If you wish you can stay on and share. But if you wish to leave, you can just do that.
stay on and do so.

We have an email group. If you want to e-meet the other group members and receive occasional reminders or links to poetry, please join by sending an email to womens-meditative-poetry+subscribe@googlegroups.com

I will add some links to poets and poems you like here. Just send on the email group.

I just discovered singer/songwriter/spoken word artist Tanya Davis who teams up with filmmaker Andrea Dorfman. I highly recommend this rabbit hole. http://tanyadavis.ca/  I first learned about them because of the recent animated film How To Be Alone. http://tanyadavis.ca/video/ I loved it so much I immediately made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with dill pickles on the side. – Mary Bennett


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