WhatsApp workshop video available for UCV members

The Connect and Engage team sponsored another tech workshop with Luke Zukowski on Zoom.

Your small groups (men’s and women’s groups, covenant groups, or just affinity/friendship groups) at UCV might find it a handy way for communicating.

Here’s the description:

WhatsApp is the most popular way for people to communicate because 2 billion WhatsApp users prefer the convenience of online instant messaging over e-mails or phone calls, especially if it’s just to say a few words.
WhatsApp is a multi-functional communication platform that You can use it to exchange text messages, pictures, videos, audio messages, phone calls, and have group video chats.
During our May 23rd Zoom session at 3pm you will learn about WhatApp mobile app that you can use on your smartphone AND also on your desktop computer.
Understanding WhatsApp: 
1. What is WhatsApp?
2. How does WhatsApp work?
3. Is WhatsApp safe?
4. Pros and Cons of WhatsApp
Using WhatsApp:
 1. How to Download and Install WhatsApp
2. How to Create a WhatsApp Account
3. How to Use WhatsApp
4. How to Delete WhatsApp Messages
5. How to Search WhatsApp
6. WhatsApp Groups
7. How to Back Up Your WhatsApp Messages