Vancouver Unitarians’ Identity: Services and Ceremonies

How do we see ourselves as we transition to our next settled minister?

UCV’s services and ceremonies – rituals, homilies, and music in the sanctuary – bring people into UCV and help sustain them here as they deepen their connections to all aspects of UCV life.

The Candlelight service, weddings and memorials, meeting our ancestors, pageants, the water, fire and flower communions – almost one-third of the congregants who responded to the CIT identity questions felt most engaged by the special services. They also cited ritual elements of the weekly services, the music, candle-lighting, meditation, and singing ‘Carry the Flame’, as ways of grounding them in our Unitarian community.

Over 130 congregants answered eight thought-provoking questions about their experiences in the UCV congregation, and identified Services and Ceremonies as one of six important interdependent themes.

The full CIT report is available online here. Services and Ceremonies and its importance to our congregational identity appears on page13.

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