Vancouver Unitarians’ Identity: Principles and Shared Values – Our Bedrock

Our principles and shared values are the bedrock of our congregation, inspiring and informing our personal and spiritual growth, and leading us to engage positively with each other and with the broader community in outreach and activism.  They are what drew many of us to Unitarianism and UCV and have inspired some of our most engaged moments.  These range from listening to our minister, participating in our services and ceremonies, contributing to study and discussion groups, and taking action with groups such as the Environment, Social Justice and Refugee Teams.

More than 130 congregants answered eight Thought-Provoking Questions about their experiences in the UCV congregation. The Congregational Identity Team (CIT – Rob Dainow, Leslie Hill, Marg Fletcher, Naomi Taylor, John Boyle) analyzed these responses into the six major, interdependent themes shown in the figure. Principles and Shared Values are one of them.

The full CIT report is available online here. You can read more about how the CIT collected and analyzed the 130 responses on page 3, or about how PRINCIPLES AND SHARED VALUES are so important to our congregational identity on page 9.

Explore the history of the Congregational Identity Team and its work here:


Congregational Identity