Update from the Ministerial Transition Team

What is the MTT (Ministerial Transition Team) up to these days?

We haven’t gone dormant, much as it may appear that way to outsiders, but in fact we have been very busy wrapping up projects and making plans for new ones in the new year.

The History Wall team had been working to freshen and update the display in Hewett Hall in preparation for when people would be allowed to gather again. We’d planned for a celebratory welcome back in January but Omicron threw a wrench in the plans so now we are looking at February.

The Congregational Identity Task Force, who want to answer the question “Who Are We?” are analyzing the interviews they’ve collected over the last year and will be presenting their report in the new year to the MTT, the Board, and to you, the congregation.

The Terms of Reference (TOR) group is finishing its first job of reviewing and updating the TORs of the 30+ teams and committees at UCV, not an easy task as most have not thought about their TOR in 10 years. The next part of their work  will have the teams take a look at themselves and put onto paper how they align with UCV’s vision statement (and yes later in the spring, we will be organizing a workshop to review our Vision statement).

There are many moving parts in this Transition process, and to quote Mary Bennett, at times it feels like we’re working on a puzzle where I’m not sure what the picture is or if we have all of the pieces. Thankfully, we are blessed to have the calm, experienced guidance of Rev. Lara and the amazing team of energetic, talented MTT members who are getting the work done!

Tamiko Suzuki

Ministerial Transition Team chair


Our Vision

Because we envision a more compassionate world, we seek to deepen our spiritual and religious lives, grow and enrich our congregation, and advocate for love and justice.

Living Our Vision (our mission)

Living Our Vision As Unitarians, we are dedicated to spiritual growth, social justice, and reverence for nature and all life. We embody these values through worship, ethical action, artistic expression, and religious education for all ages that aim to connect hearts, heads, and hands.

And if you are wondering what the mission of the Transition Team is, basically it follows the Covenant of the Interim Minister: Defining and  redefining sense  of  purpose  and  direction;  clarifying  the  faith  community’s identity and core values; working to develop, update, and revitalize mission and  vision  statements. 


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