Update from the IBPOC caucus

The Jan. 30 Sunday service included photos and storytelling from IBPOC caucus member Cynthia Lam, who explained her family’s traditions for celebrating Lunar New Year. Thank you to the IBPOC caucus and Cynthia for sharing with the congregation and educating us all about the importance of this new year’s celebration. 

On Jan. 22, we held the first meeting of the IBPOC Plus Allies Team, also known as  the IPA Team. Eight UCV allies showed up and joined in discussion with four IBPOC. Along with an honest sharing of our background, we talked about the history of the IBPOC at UCV and what we wanted to happen going forward. The IBPOC caucus is still a small group with limited capacity and the allies were invited to share their expertise and to collaborate in the planning of multi-cultural programming, help facilitate communication, and promote understanding within the congregation and the larger communities. Within UCV, the IPA plans to interact with other teams to offer IBPOC perspectives, experiences, and ideas. 

We all agreed that this team should always remember to have fun, and although our activities will be limited while the pandemic rages, we’ll settle for gathering ideas and start with small events. 

Some of the activities this month:

Feb 14 Women’s March  Meet at noon at the NW corner of Hastings and Main so that we can take part in the march as a group.  Details  posted in the weekly  e-bulletin. (Yvonne Marcus)

IPA logo contest. Dust off your inner artist and create a logo or picture for the IPA!   Details of contest and prizes to come. (Caede Pungente)

If you are interested in joining the IPA, please contact [email protected]


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