Unsung Heroes – Amy (Megumi) Anderson and Chris Pearce

Unsung Hero Award 2017

Statement from Rev. Steven Epperson on presenting the awards.

Every year, in our service of the Living Tradition, we celebrate the shared ministry of our congregation, knowing that this is how we make our spiritual quest, our moral convictions and need for meaningful fellowship vibrantly real and concrete.  And so we rise, in turn, in acknowledgment and appreciation for the myriad ways in which we serve and bless one another.  

Most years, we try to recognize persons who have contributed to our beloved community in special ways that tend to fall outside the limelight.  And we honour them by extending an Unsung Hero Award—we ask them to step into the limelight for a moment to receive our special thanks.

Based on nominations from the congregation and a formal vote of the Board of Trustees, this year’s Unsung Hero Award recipients are Megumi Anderson and Chris Pearce.  

Amy (Megumi) Anderson

Megumi for starting up Love Soup lunches—the great food and kitchen comradeship, the generous funds it generates which you contribute to our congregation—for trying to feed me and the Office Staff—for your willingness and dedication to help run Social Justice Committee projects—and for your boundless good will and kindness; we are pleased to extend this award to you with our sincere thanks.

Chris Pearce

For co- chairing the Arts Committee for over 10 years—for your excellent, discerning and thoughtful work in organizing, curating and hanging the fabulous art on display in the Sanctuary and the Fireside room—for visiting artists’ studios—for framing works of art if necessary—for publicizing exhibits through the UCV Events and the Preview magazine—for being present at Openings and supporting arts and artists—and for your good sense of humour and love of the sun; we are pleased to extend this award to you with our sincere thanks.


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