UCV’s Third Compassion Circle – 2019

Do you want to deepen the practice of compassion in your life and in your world? Consider the following two upcoming opportunities: UCV’s Compassion Circle (now in its third year) and the Compassion Course Online (originating in New York).
The UCV Compassion Circle is starting a new group. Eight people participated in the SECOND 2018 group and found it to be very insightful. *See what some participants said about it (below).
The Compassion Circle sessions will provide you with an opportunity to connect with each other and to support one another in practising compassionate communication.  We will follow the curriculum of the Compassion Course Online.
How do I join the UCV Compassion Circle?
Firstly, you must register for the Compassion Course Online which begins June 19th, 2019and continues to June 17th, 2020.  Registerhereor get more information at  Compassion Course Online.  Note that registration closes June 2019. The cost is minimal.  
The Compassion Course Onlineis now in its eighth year. Several UCVers have participated in the last few years, and many are signing up again. You will receive weekly emails covering concepts, anecdotes, and practices of compassionate communication. It is generously offered by New York City Nonviolent Communication’s Thom Bond and it has a huge international following. 
Secondly, you then register for our UCV Compassion Circle Practice Sessions by contacting either Sheila R at sresels@gmail.comor Cindy Cashin at cindy_returns@yahoo.comby June 14th.  Please do so as soon as possible as space is limited.  Note that our first session is on Sunday, June 23rd, in the Fireside Room from 9:30-10:55 am (future sessions will followthe Sundayservice).
When/where does the Circle meet?
Meets monthly on the 4th Sundayof the month from 12:30-2:00 pm.  Room TBD.
First session only (June 23rd): 9:30-10:55 in Fireside Room. 
What Participants In This Year’s UCV Compassion Circle Are Saying:
“UCV’s Compassion Circle was born in 2017 in response to enthusiasm of several UCVers taking the online course. Lynn Armstrong coordinated the Circle’s creation and came up with the name. The Compassion Circle is an intimate space for learning together, shifting how we listen and respond to others, and how we communicate with ourselves. It’s a special gathering! “
“The Compassion Course and Nonviolent Communication has had a profound impact on me. It is so subtle, yet such a powerful paradigm shift that it changes everything. It has taught me to look deeper in all those difficult communication situations to find the gold that transforms “us and them”  to “we”,  and in so doing it brings such powerful lessons of love and peace.”
“I could never have imagined this online course and the practice sessions provided at UCV could have had such a profound impact on my worldview.  It has brought me clarity and a greater understanding of my (and others’) needs.  I’m signing up again and look forward to another year of self-discovery.”
“This year has been my introduction to the concepts & practice of compassionate communication. Already I have seen a positive difference in the way I interpret & respond to events & people. I’m signing up again for next year, so that I can go deeper.”
If you have questions about the practice and applications of Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication, or NVC), feel free to email Nancy Barker (CNVC-certified trainer in NVC) at nb1988@telus.net.  Nancy is happy to offer general NVC Intro workshops or workshops on particular aspects of NVC upon request. 
-submitted by Sheila Resels


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