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Kids Will Take Over UCV

Kids Takeover Arts Festival Coming to UCV

Our first event will be June 24th.

Learn to play Phroagh Frog with CoA kids

Make an ATC (Artist Trading Card) of a chalice (and then trade).

Participate in a free-wheeling discussion about the kids takeover in various groups. Be a bee or a butterfly–flit from one table to another or land on a topic and hang out there.

Hosts at each table will encourage brainstorming around: what would it look like if kids took over:

  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Sunday morning
  • Dinners and lunches at UCV (Messy church plus)
  • What would the ground rules be?

Send suggested topics to the Kids Takeover Team or show up with your topic.

We have a budget for art supplies and desert. Is there someone who could arrange the pie and ice cream for 1:20pm?

More about Kids Take Over

Inspired by Kids Takeover UBC (who in turn were inspired by Britain’s Arts and Culture Kids Takeover), I am starting an initiative (with Arts Committee support) to plan an Arts Festival for next fall or the following spring (depending on interest and offers from other UCVers).

Liam attended the Kids Takeover UBC event with his family.

There’s a great start for a committee: Liam and Noella two of our coming-of-agers have joined up.

Looking for a young adult and a parent/guardian of one or more babies (to represent their babies).

Mary Bennett, instigator and co-conspirator

Contact me if you have ideas or would like to join the team planning this event. I’ll pass ideas along to our team.

You’re probably wondering whether “takeover” is one word or two: The answer is both.  Takeover is a noun; take over is the verb.

Are you a kid?

What would you like to take over at UCV?

  • Lunches?
  • “coffee” hour?
  • the Sunday service?
  • Book Group?
  • Forum?
  • Gardens?
  • Sidewalks?
  • Website?
  • Signs?

Tell us! We want to hear! We could create a Kids Manifesto.

Some photos of Kids Takeover UBC from their facebook page

Here’s some of their description:

For too long, UBC has been run by adults. It’s time for kids to rule at this fun-filled arts festival for kids and families.
Celebrate Family Day weekend by bringing your entire family to UBC on Sunday, February 11 from 10am to 5pm for a day where kids and youth will be given meaningful roles, working alongside staff and volunteers to participate in the life of arts and culture. Takeover Day, first launched in the UK, is a celebration of children and young people’s contributions to museums, galleries, arts organizations, archives and heritage sites.

Some links:

A humorous (I think) article from the Ubyssey about what could go wrong.

UBC 2018 Event


UK Takeover Challenge

Takeover Challenge

Here’s a sample letter from young people to an organization–or perhaps at UCV it would be adapted towards a particular individual, committee or team.

[The address of the organisation you’re writing to goes here on the left, above the main letter]

Dear ,

[The name of your school or group] would like to invite you to be a part of our Takeover Challenge from Friday 24 November 2017. This year Takeover Challenge can happen any time, any day over the year so there are plenty of chances to get involved in the biggest takeover in England.

The event gives young people the chance to ‘takeover’ organisations for a day. They get to experience what it’s like to be in a real work environment, taking on responsibility and being a part of the decision making process. This year the project is asking organisations to think about how they can extend their Takeover for more than a day.

Organisations benefit too, gaining new ideas, insight and creativity to improve their services as well as the chance to show their commitment to listening to children and young people. Organisations across every sector and of any size can take part – it’s a flexible event which can be tailored to suit your needs.

[The name of your school or group] chose to invite your organisation to take part because [here you can explain why the organisation was chosen. Is it because they work with young people and you wanted to have a say? Is it because you’re interested in what the organisation does and wanted to learn more about it? Try to give a few reasons and a lot of detail so they really understand why you have approached them]

If you were willing to let us take over for the day we would like to [now explain what you would like to do on the day. How many young people want to take part? Who do they want to work with? What decisions do they want to influence?]

We would be glad to discuss alternatives with you if any of the above isn’t possible.

In previous years Commissioner’s Takeover has been a big success, with hundreds of organisations and thousands of young people getting involved, having fun, learning new skills and exercising their right to speak up on the issues that affect them. With the help of [the name of their organisation] we hope we can make

2017-18 the most successful Takeover yet!

As well as giving young people a valuable experience, Takeover Challenge is a great opportunity to gain publicity and show that [the name of their organisation] is one that takes on challenges and cares about young peoples’ right to have a say in the decisions that affect them. [Is there anything else you can list here that might help convince the organisation to get involved?]

We hope you will consider this invitation and look forward to hearing from you soon.


[your name and position]


Receive Our Chalice Basket and Contribute to Our Congregational Journal

An Invitation to Light the Chalice and …

from Kiersten Moore, Director of Children and Youth Programs

Every Sunday we close our worship with a benediction to Carry the Flame of Peace and Love until we meet again. You are invited to sign-up to light our Chalice one Sunday and receive the Chalice Basket in return. It contains a chalice, a journal, and books with meditations, readings, and Unitarian celebration ideas to carry the spirit of our church and principles through the week. All we ask is that you return the basket to church the following Sunday for the next person or family to receive! Every family and individual member is encouraged to receive the basket at least one Sunday during the year. The journal is meant to be a congregational conversation on each of our experiences or thoughts on being Unitarian through the week.

Why receive the basket?

  • Taking time to reflect, read, and write, or even simply to light the Chalice once a day, helps to connect us more fully as a Unitarians.
  • You may already have spiritual practices that give you a moment of calm or encourage you to reflect in the moment. Receiving the Chalice Basket can bring a sense of community or connection to your practice for the week.
  • You may be wondering how to share Unitarian practice with family at home, or how to create ritual or a moment of mindfulness, or what a Unitarian practice through the week might look like. There are books in the basket chosen to give you some ideas.

Please sign-up on the website volunteer page to light our Chalice and receive the Chalice Basket, and remember to return it to service the following Sunday.

Contact Kiersten

Parents invited to Our Whole Lives Orientation

Our Whole Lives sexuality education for ages 9 and 10

The first workshop is this Sunday, January 14th, at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.  We have six children registered. I invite any curious, interested, or concerned parents of a child nearing or beginning puberty to attend our Parent and Child Orientation this Saturday, January 13th, from 1:00-3:30 pm in the Fireside Room of Hewett Hall.  If you may consider registering your child for the program I encourage you to have them attend the Child Orientation portion as well.The orientation is required for participation in the course. Childcare is provided for siblings.

Why attend?

The Parent Workshop addresses questions, concerns, and tools for talking to our children about sexuality in an age-appropriate way. We have parent resources and suggestions for learning more; we identify what messages we want our children to receive about sexuality, and what we value about our own sexuality education. We discuss what we want to do differently for our children.

The Child Workshop is about the kids getting to know each other, creating art about their family, orienting them to the anonymous questions box, and creating Group Agreements.

Together we will go over an overview of the Our Whole Lives curriculum and what topics will specifically be covered.

Attending this Orientation in no way obligates you to enroll your child, but the orientation is required in order to register. This can be a wonderful way to help you feel more comfortable in your role as your child’s primary sexuality educator. You will also have the opportunity to purchase the Parent’s Guide to Our Whole Lives for this age group, which gives you more ideas and resources for discussions and education at home.

More information is on our website and at the Unitarian Universalist Association website.

Here is our Online registration which lists the dates and time of the workshops—2 Sundays a month January—May.

Please RSVP to Kiersten Moore if you plan to join us on Saturday.

Unitarian Advent Calendar

Traditions and Events for December

One of the creators of the Spirit Play program created a Unitarian Advent Calendar. Could we add Canadian Unitairian significant dates and people?



Most of the graphics have historical events and figures from U.S. connections. I chose these two to put here as they’re related to holidays and traditions that we celebrate at our congregation.


Here’s a youtube video of Malvina Reynold’s song Eight Candles.

Here’s more about Malvina Reynolds noting her Jewish background.

Resources Recommended by Harvard Square Library

Reynolds, Malvina and Emmy Lou Packard. The Malvina Reynolds SongbookBerkeley: Schroeder Music Company, 1974.


Here’s a song called “Quiet” by Reynolds.

Woven Together – Register Now

Woven Together Register Now

The children’s Religious Exploration Team at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver is preparing to lead “Woven Together”, the Canadian Unitarian Council’s Upper Elementary 8 Session Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Reflection Guide. This guide is designed to be used for children in Grades 4-6/ages 9-12 and uses resources that provide age-appropriate Indigenous ways of knowing.
The dates of the Truth and Healing series are:
  • October 1, 15, and 22, November 5, 19, and 26 and December 3 (at 9:30 am), and 10.
Because of the complexity of this work it is important that all participants make a commitment to attending the series as each session builds upon the previous ones. Unforeseen events arise, but we should begin together with the goal to see it all the way through. The series will be held by trained facilitators during our regular 11 am Sunday services and RE class time at the church: 949 West 49th Ave, Vancouver, BC

Seeking Innovative SpiritJam Teachers

UCV Job Opportunity

SpiritJam Lead Teacher

Part-time Teacher (4 hours per week); $17.00/hr. plus 20 additional paid flex hours; 10 mos./year; Reports to the Director of Religious Exploration; Start date:September 1, 2017 or as soon after as possible. (more…)

Religious Education Volunteers

Religious Education

The Director of Religious Education sets the overall direction of our Children’s and Youth Religious Education programs along with the support of the Youth Advisors, the Children’s and Youth Religious Education Advisory Group and the Parish Minister, any of whom would be happy to discuss our program in more detail with you. Parents and other interested adults assist the program by volunteering to lead classes, direct pageants, make lunches, fund-raise, maintain and improve spaces and resources and much more. The program is offered free of charge, with costs supported by the pledges and financial support of the entire congregation, with some additional fundraising, and targeted donations.

Director’s Children’s and Youth Religious Education Management Committee

This committee meets regularly to support the administrative and human resources needs of the CYRE programs. This committee, also known as the Director of RE Management Committee (DREMC) serves as the CYRE liaison to the UCV Board of Trustees.

Children’s and Youth Religious Education Advisory Group

This group meets monthly on issues related to the operation of our children’s Sunday school program and our youth group program. These issues include curricula, special event planning, communication with parents and congregation, safety and special needs issues, budget planning, priority/goal setting, fundraising and much more. To get involved, please contact Kiersten Moore, Director of Religious Education at or 604.261.7204.

Our Whole Lives Committee

This committee meets quarterly to discuss the coordination of lifespan offerings and trainings for our Our Whole Lives sexuality education program. OWL is offered for ages Kindergarten-grade 1, grades 4 to 6, grades 7 to 9, grades 10 to 12, young adult (18 to 35) and adult (also begins at 18 – and up).  To get involved, please contact Kiersten Moore, Director of Religious Education at or 604.261.7204.

Adult Religious Education Committee

This committee meets as required to discuss and plan for our twice yearly offerings of religious education programs. Look for brochures coming out in August/September and December/January. Contact the church office to get involved.

Summertime and Children’s Program

June 25 is the last day for the planned Children’s program until September 17.
Note: child care continues over summer. Some small group activities may be planned by parents and RE teachers.

Regional Connections – Sing for Joy! Music Workshop

Presenter: Patti Powell
Date: Sat. June 3 10 – 3:30 pm
Location: Workshop at Unitarian Family Camp Sasamat Outdoor Centre, Port Moody

Singing together is so much fun! If you’ve never tried it, it’s time. If you’re a seasoned singer, you will love the lively, interactive and joyful atmosphere for learning great songs from gospel to rounds, to fun interlocking song mashups! Patti leads four community choirs and works with Brian Tate and the City Soul Choir. Workshop with lunch: $67 (includes option to canoe/kayak 3:30 – 5:00 pm).

More info on weekend camp: