Topic: Holidays and Traditions

Fire Communion

In between the closing of the old year and the unfurling of the new, we come together in a ritual of reflection, letting go, and looking forward.

Fire Communion is an opportunity to cast the emotional baggage of the old year into the flames and, lighter in spirit, set our intentions for the year to come.

This year, Mary Bennett will offer some reflections on the element of fire in our lives.

Patrick Dubois will treat us to music.

Wendy Bryan will lead the ritual of burning rosemary sprigs in our cauldron of transformation.

This is the 8th day of Hanukkah and we will light a menorrah – Sheila Resels.

People silently toss their sprig into the flames.Following the service there will be a sharing circle (“covenant group”) in Hewett Hall where you will be invited to share your comments if you so wish.

Christmas Day Potluck and Carol Sing

No reason to be alone or cooped up on this festive day!  This is an informal gathering guaranteed to lift our holiday spirits.  Share some food and good will with good company—and don’t forget to bring your carol and holiday singing voices!

Christmas Eve Service

Join us in this festival commemoration of Christmas.  We observe this special evening with carols, candles, readings, and the spoken word.

This is a special service full of meaning and peace; invite your friends and family.

Seasonal Pageant

Our children, youth, and supporting adults bring you a history of traditions and Global awareness wrapped in familiar carols and a strong dose of fun. This year we are featuring two one-act pageants: an original work by one of our tween members and a lively talk show debate between Father Christmas and Mother Earth adapted from “A Holiday Lawsuit” by Marie Houck.

Join us to witness the beauty and joy of the season outwit commercial influences.

Candlelight Service with the Chalice Choir

We celebrate the turning of the seasons and the many festivities of December in this, our annual Candlelight service.  Join us for this joyful event featuring holiday poems, prose, and music.  A great event for all—whether we come alone or in the company of family and friends.

A light, potluck follows in Hewett Hall—bring a holiday dish to share.


On this Thanksgiving Sunday, let’s imagine what belonging may look and feel like.  We want to be welcoming, but sometimes in our actions and words, we may create a sense of non-belonging. In this month of belonging, may we work hard to make our actions and words reflect our hope and promise that all are welcome.

Rev. Steven Epperson with special guests

Mother’s Day and Flower Communion

The Flower Communion is a central rite for Unitarians around the world. At UCV it coincides with Mother’s Day, celebrating how our individual contributions to mentoring/parenting/mothering enable our children and young people to grow up and flourish as adults.
Please bring some flowers to share! (We’ll also hear something about the phenomenon of emotional/interpretive labour.)
Helen Hansen vocals and Michael Creber piano and the Chalice Choir sings.

Order of Service

Order of Service