Third Thursdays – Make It a One-Day Retreat

Painting Rainbow Rocks – Prepare for Pride

This month you could plan a one-day spiritual retreat at UCV. Or come to one or two of the three events planned!

Come by 11 am for circle dancing; stay for contemplative collage; and then participate in Patrick’s Rhythm Meditation workshop 7-9pm. Third Thursdays always include the first two events, and several people attend both.

If there’s enough interest, some of us will likely go across the street for sushi dinner.

Click here for information about the evening workshop.

First there was GLAD with an hour of circle dance because Darlene and Mary wanted to dance more–and share circle dance more.

Then Laurie and Mary added “contemplative collage” from 2-4pm. So, of course, a few people found they liked both events so some of us brought lunch or bought sushi from across the street. And Mairy who’d joined the GLAD team often stayed for lunch and then gardened.

So by July 2018 (three years after GLAD began), there are a few of us who spend most of the day at UCV with focused but flexible activities.

We danced all nine of the World Circle Dance Day link up dances from 2016, 2017 and 2018. All nine within just over an hour.


GLAD (Gathering for Labyrinth, Art and Dance) includes art and labyrinth walking as well as circle dance.

For August, Patrick du Bois is offering an evening session as well. So perhaps we regulars should stay for a potluck dinner before Patrick’s session.

All welcome to all or any of these events:

11am – 1 pm GLAD

1-2pm – informal lunch with whoever’s there

We placed our rainbow rocks in the inner courtyard labyrinth. Two corners down. Two to go! #prepareforpride
Afternoon Contemplative Collage (OK we do chat a bit, but it’s a quiet, focused chat.) Usually 4-7 people. Join us. All welcome! RSVP appreciated to

2-4pm – collage with Laurie and sometimes Mary (in the summer Mary tends to stop to say “hi” and then go outside to tend the gardens

Beautiful centre to celebrate World Circle Dance Day. Wild Women cards from Elizabeth MacLeod by way of Karen B.

5-6:30 pm – potluck dinner including harvesting from the vegetable gardens



7-9 pm Patrick’s event Details here.

In the fall, the Chalice Choir starts up rehearsals on Thursdays so it’s often a busy night on the site anyways. Maybe a (small? informal?) potluck dinner will start to emerge for those who want it. If you do, send me a note to and we’ll try to make it so!



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