Coral Heron

I’ve  been interested in labyrinths for a long time. I’ve visited and walked a number of labyrinths in North America including the beautiful San Francisco Grace Cathedral.

I find that labyrinth walking is a great addition to my spiritual practice.

Labyrinths are a circuitous path and not to be confused with mazes. Labyrinths always offer a way out and through to enhance one’s spiritual journey. People have used it as a form of prayer and meditation for thousands of years.

There are no wrong turns in a labyrinth and there are many more  rituals that human beings have created than there are actual myths and styles of labyrinths.

If you google labyrinths you’ll easily see the most popular designs for them including the Chartres in France and San Francisco.

Closer to home, there are labyrinths behind the First United Spiritualist Church in Burnaby, the St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Vancouver and at our own Unitarian church we have two labyrinths.  See the attached link  I’m sure there are others, so please let me know if you’re aware of them.

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A favourite book on my shelf is “Labyrinths From the Outside In – Walking to Spiritual Insight, A Beginner’s Guide” by Donna Schaper and Carole Ann Camp.

I was “dedicated” in the Unitarian Church although my Mom insists that ‘back in the day’ it was called a Christening.  My mother and grandmother were raised as Unitarians, but since my Dad was in the Air Force I lived in several different areas as a child including Germany and Quebec and was not introduced to Unitarianism until I went to a  fellowship on occasion with my Mom in Chilliwack where she currently lives.
My grandmother (Amma) was a founding member of the Fraser Valley Fellowship. My mother and I have attended the Unitarian congregation in Vancouver every so often over the years when she has come to see me in Burnaby where I’ve been living with my husband Michael.
I recently returned to the Unitarian Church where I’ve been attending services as well as participating in the GLAD program (Gathering for Labyrinths, Art and Dance) and taking the Paganism 101 course with the Earth Spirit Council.

I’m a licensed SoulCollage® (an intuitive collage process for self-discovery and community) facilitator trained by the originator, Seena Frost. I’m interested in sharing with a group of like-minded individuals. Please check out for more information and/or contact me by email or call me at 604-520-3800 if you’d like to be part of a regular group.


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