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Want to Try Out Circle Dance?

Summer is a time for adventures and if you’re on a stay-cation or visiting Vancouver from elsewhere, we invite you to these gatherings especially for those who want to try out sacred circle dance, either for the first time or because you’d like to learn or practice some of the basic steps.

Mary Bennett and Mairy Beam have collectively been circle dancing for over 30 years and they each bring their own story to why it’s become an important part of their spiritual lives.

Vancouver Unitarians have been hosting sacred circle dance events open to all for 15 years.

People come with a variety of backgrounds from “always loved dancing” to “three left feet.”

Sacred circle dancing in this form comes from the Findhorn Foundation about 40 years ago initiated by Bernard Wosien.

We’ll answer any questions you have and enjoy sharing our enthusiasm in a gentle way.

First Tuesdays in July and August 7:30 – 9 pm.

Mary and Mairy are both members of the Vancouver Unitarians Earth Spirit Council. Email for other events. 

Here’s the worship service they led in 2017 about their experience with circle dancing.

Photo used with permission from D. Rainbow.