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Finding Our Story Within Eco‑Spirituality

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Roots and Wings
Finding Our Story Within Eco‑Spirituality

Ecology and Spirituality
A Vision for Unitarianism and Unitarian Universalism
in the 21st Century

Presented by Rev Lara Cowtan
at the UUE Eco‑Spirituality Conference in Prague

September 15th, 2018
Čapek Hall, Anenská 5, Prague 1 (Old Town)

Photo of Rev Lara Cowtan

Rev Lara Cowtan

Cypresses in Starry Night, Reed Drawing by Vincent Van Gogh

Cypresses in Starry Night, Reed Drawing by Van Gogh

Our spiritual response to the environmental crisis can bring us to understand ourselves as part of the divine wholeness of the natural world, finding our self intertwined with the web of life in a way that enriches all life.

1. Old City of Prague

2. Neytiri and Jake’s Avatar

3. Robin Wall Kimmerer

4. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Photo: Nobert Capek

5. Norbert Čapek


Playlist: All My Relations

All My Relations, Religious Naturalism
and The Heart of a Faith for the
21st Century

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All My Relations


All My Relations
by Aline LaFlamme
April 17, 2019


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by Martha Saunders
August 4, 2019


Religious Naturalism
by Rev. Steven Epperson
March 24, 2019


Religious Naturalism: Take Two
by Rev. Steven Epperson
March 24, 2019

Speakers Bios

Aline Laflamme
Her name means the light (Aline) and the flame (LaFlamme.) She also carries the name Many Buffalo Running. Aline is a grandmother and Metis from Alberta. Among her many gifts she leads a drumming circle called Daughters of the Drum

Martha Saunders
joined UCV in the fall of 2018. She taught religious studies and women’s studies for many years at Concordia University, Montreal, and at the University of Toronto, specializing in religious and environmental ethics

Rev. Steven Epperson
was parish minister of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver for 19 years, retiring in 2020. Prior to entering professional ministry, Steven worked as a university professor in the history of religions, and as a museum curator

all my relations: photo of Aline Laflamme

Aline Laflamme

Martha Saunders

all my relations: photo of Reverend Doctor Steven Epperson

Rev Steven Epperson

Religious Naturalism – Take Two

Last month, Steven preached on Religious Naturalism. The service was so well received with numerous comments on our email list from as far away as Ecuador, that we’ll get “Take Two” this coming Sunday, April 14.

Here’s the sermon from earlier.

Religious Naturalism

If you want to take a deeper dive into the UUA document that Steven refers to go here:


The words by David Bumbaugh that Steven uses in his block quote come from page 90 of the report.  There is an interesting quote by Phillip Hewett on the next page

If this concept appeals to you (as it clearly does to many Unitarians), here are some links you might enjoy exploring: