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Save Our Salmon letter writing campaign


Above: SOS letter writing table at Hewett Hall this Spring, April 2018
The Environment Committee started the Save Our Salmon (SOS) letter writing campaign as a direct result of the great success of the Feb. 16, 2018 Wild Salmon Information and fundraiser event. (Watch the event here.)

Provincial tenures (leases) for 22 open net-pen salmon farms come up for renewal this June; 20 of them are in the Broughton Archipelago and are opposed by First Nations. The peer-reviewed science is very clear and unequivocal – BC fish farms severely threaten the health and survival of our wild salmon. Alaska, Oregon, and Washington ban fish farms; BC should also.

You can find links to recent articles and videos about this here.

The SOS letter writing campaign invites people who care about the survival of our wild salmon to send handwritten letters to their MLAs, with copies to Premier Horgan and Ministers Donaldson, Heyman, and Popham, asking them to NOT renew the fish farm tenures that come due this June. A letter writing package with information and guidelines for writing this letter to your MLA will be sent to anyone who asks for it from rdainow@gmail.com.

Join us to Save Our Salmon!