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CUC 2021 Conference Open Events, 14 – 16 May No Registration Required

Some CUC Conference Events require pre-registration. The following are open without pre-registration:

Available in advance…

Confluence Lecture – Rev Ann Barker, Parish Minister, Westwood Unitarians, Edmonton

The lecture this year addresses the topic of dismantling racism. The “lecture” adopts a new format –  three parts that can be viewed in advance or read via pdf followed on 14 May with a national discussion.

Dismantling Racism Study Group Reports – Study the twelve-page 2019 Preliminary Report of the CUC’s DRSG. The 4-page glossary alone is worth studying (and isn’t part of the final report).  It includes definitions of 57 concepts promiinent in anti-racism work and links related to the concepts.

See the 2021 Final Report of the DRSG here. 

See also the 13 May 2021 report via email to CUC leaders google group from CUC President, Margaret Wanlin and Executive Director, Vyda Ng titled “A Way Forward for the 8th Principle Process”.  The report provides plans for moving forward with substantial actions to dismantle racism in our congregations and communities, and a Special Meeting to be held on Saturday, 27 Nov 2021 to review CUC resolutions processes and the findings and recommendations of the DRSG.








Visit the CUC virtual Memorial Wall any time before or during the Conference. This place is provided to commemorate and honour a loved one, mark a loss or hold a light to a concern that is in your heart. This Wall will be included in the Saturday morning ritual led by the Lay Chaplains. You can participate by leaving a comment on a Note or uploading a photo.

The Conference itself…Conference Webpage here

Opening Ceremonies – 3 PM Pacific, Friday 14 May 2021

The Opening Ceremony will be live-streamed on Zoom at http://bit.ly/OpeningCeremonyCUC and will be closed captioned.

Sunday Multigenerational Worship Service

Sunday, May 16, 10 am PT| 11 am MT|12 pm CT|1 pm ET|2 pm AT (1.5 hours)

Now more than ever we need to be grounded in connection, in hope, and in love. As the cycles of the seasons teach us the gifts of the dark as well as the light, we still need energy — a spark — to fuel living into our aspirations and values no matter the season, the struggle, or the celebration. This Sunday service will celebrate how our UU faith and our connections are crucial to sustaining and amplifying that spark.

The Sunday service will be live-streamed on Zoom at http://bit.ly/NationalWorshipMay16 (closed captioned), and on the CUC’s YouTube Channel.

Zoom Meeting ID: 885 0018 9706 | Passcode: 595025 | Canada Toll-free 1-855-703-8985

Even if you can’t participate you can donate to this year’s CUC special initiatives.

Special Conference Collection

Each year we choose one or more special recipients as the beneficiaries of the Conference collection. These recipients represent causes that are close to our hearts. This year we are so pleased to support charities important to our youth and young adults:

The Dawning Future – CUC Youth and Young Adult Subsidy and the

Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources.

Ways to donate to the CUC.

Remember that the next CUC National Conference will be in 2023 – probably in Halifax and virtually.