Stories from Past and Present Enviro Team Members: OSFM

The Oak Street Farmers’ Market (OSFM)


A Grand, crazy idea

Back in 2012 a group of intrepid UCV members came up with an idea:  Why not start an all-organic farmers’ market in our parking lot?   What’s not to like?     Under the direction of our sustainable food guru, Grant Watson, we began to make plans.

Bravely we climbed a steep learning curve of city permits, farm visits, grant applications and logo choosing among a panoply of other tasks. One of our most debated tasks was deciding whether to put the apostrophe before or after the ‘s’ in ‘farmers market’. We had our grand opening with music, city officials cutting the ribbon and inspirational speakers and we were off!

Five years of building community ensued with delicious food, great music, artisan stalls, stone soup making with donations from all our farmers, and even a massage chair .

Muriel Harris and her two granddaughters

Exciting times

Highlights included being the first market to feature wine and spirits,zucchini races, cooking demos and even a film series on ethical eating.  We were proud to nurture first time farmers’ market vendors and musicians, and we welcomed volunteers from the deaf community.


Along with physical and financial backing from the church, UCV volunteers provided a considerable amount of sweat equity. Challenges included the weekly erecting of a huge and heavy piece of equipment that came to be known as the “Frankentent”, dragging multitudes of boxes out of the church’s narrow crawlspace, and keeping the electricity flowing to the parking lot by means of extension cords, covers, and ingenuity. 

Navigating the challenges of starting and running the first all-organic farmers’ market in Vancouver proved difficult. Midway through operations, the city decided to enforce its sign bylaw not allowing us to put up signs in the neighbourhood. As well, several other farmers’ markets opened soon after ours in the area.

In spite of having incredibly dedicated members on the OSFM board, after 5 years of operation, we had to close due to our continued financial instability. Our grand adventure came to an end but the memories and the community continue on.  

Mary Lage

June 2020


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