Staff Announcement from HR Committee

Aurora Eyolsfson, who has been the UCV Church Administrator for the past 3 years, has left our employment. During her time with us, Aurora brought to light how little UCV has been charging for rent of our spaces compared to both other churches and the going market rental rates. She also took care of finding a much better provider for our extended health benefits in terms of price and services. She advocated for fair pay for both caretakers and RE childcare and teachers.

We are grateful to Aurora for her time and service with UCV, and wish her all the best for her future. The Transition Team is working with the staff and leadership to review the various roles and structures of UCV’s ongoing staffing needs to plan for the future. In the short term, we ask for the patience and support of members as changes in our office may impact response time for administrative requests. We are blessed with amazing and motivated staff.


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