Why Refugees are Good for Canada

For more than 50 years The Unitarian Church of Vancouver has welcomed refugees from all over the world. They have included – but are not limited to – Vietnamese boat people, Afghanis, Eritreans, Palestinians, Karens, Syrians, Iraqis, Tibetans, Burundians, and members of the LGBT community – (through co-sponsorship with the Rainbow Society).

The Unitarian Church of Vancouver was originally a constituent of the Canadian Unitarian Council Sponsorship Agreement Holder (CUC SAH) until September 2019 when we became our own S.A.H., which allowed us to sponsor more refugees than we could as a constituent of the CUC S.A.H.

This Sunday we will review some of the most egregious and tenacious myths about refugees and show how good refugees are for Canada as shown by our own experience, history, and an extensive study done by UNHCR Canada.

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