The Selfish Act of Giving

Charity and volunteering are almost always framed as altruistic actions, with all the focus on how someone else will benefit from our good deed. In fact, we often feel guilty about deriving pleasure from something which is supposed to be selfless. This is completely backwards, doing good should feel good because it’s good, and it’s okay to admit it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but a stairway to heaven can be built from selfish acts.

Ryan Guenther is a former corporate drone, current standup comedian and future author. He grew up in a log cabin and walked a mile through the woods every day to a little red schoolhouse, an upbringing which is both unique and utterly cliché. He has been involved with Unitarian churches since age 10 and is now a member of North Shore Unitarian Church. He has been nominated for a standup comedy award and toured a five-star fringe show to festivals across North America. He is trustworthy and kind to animals.

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