Refugees and Distress Migration – Where are we in 2019?

This service explores the historical background and the current issues of conflict, climate change and poverty that are fueling the migration crisis we are witnessing. Do we have a duty of care, and to whom?

We will examine religious attitudes and philosophical approaches to ethics of hospitality and explore how modern international mobility and immigration control adds to the problems to find workable and humane solutions.

Huguette has been involved with our refugee committee extensively for many years.

Order of Service

Order of Service




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Huguette Sansonnet Hayden is a member of the Refugee Committee here at UCV. She came to Canada from France as an immigrant first in 1970, then permanently in 1974. Huguette is retired from a practice of child and adolescent psychiatry. Huguette’s interest in refugee issues started from childhood. She was born in 1944 and through childhood and high school met many refugees or children of refugees from Russia, Hungary, Poland and Romania. Later, visiting the Palestinian camps in Lebanon in 1970 and living in Guatemala in the late seventies made Huguette acutely aware of the issues of migration and what fuels it.


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