Living Within the Interdependent Web

The 7th Unitarian principle underlies the other six, but the interdependent web also includes all the other-than-human species and beings with whom we share the Earth. How conscious are we, in our daily lives, of our place within the web, of our interdependence with all the beings in existence? Is it just an abstract principle to which we give intellectual assent, or does the awareness of our interdependence permeate our lives so that it governs all our actions? How do we cultivate and enhance this awareness so that we are always conscious of our place within the web?

Martha Saunders, Ph.D., moved to Vancouver from Ontario three years ago with her partner Mairy Beam. Martha had an academic career teaching Religious Studies at Concordia University and the University of Toronto, and specialized in religious ethics and the environment. Before moving to Vancouver, she was for 20 years one of the leaders of a small eco-spiritual community in Toronto that drew inspiration from the works of such thinkers as Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Joanna Macy, and others who have contributed to the development of eco-spirituality.


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