Living Our Covenant of Healthy Relations

How do we embody our Covenant of Healthy Relations at UCV? This was a key theme in the recent reports by two UCV groups. The Congregational Identity Team (CIT) received feedback from 130 congregants about what we most value and aspire to at UCV. How we respect and connect with one another is critically important for many. The Decision-Making Task Force (DMTF) extensively analyzed our decision processes in the 4-year exploration of site redevelopment, and based on input received, issued decision-making guidelines. This task force learned that healthy relations are central to successful decision-making processes at UCV.

Members of the CIT and the DMTF will shine a light on our [congregationally approved/2005] congregational Covenant of Healthy Relations – that we adopted at our 2005 AGM – by sharing what we learned from these studies of our community and our processes.

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