In Praise of Boredom

We hope the likes of this will never come again: socially distanced, self-isolated, and worried about family, colleagues, and finances in this virus-haunted, dear world of ours.  As well, we may have discovered that we (and our children!)—being cooped up, not going to work and school—have more time on our hands than we ever dreamed possible.  That may be a good thing, or/and we may be going just about nuts with boredom.  (I’ve heard this from a number of people.)  Is there anything good about boredom?  Are we finding novel, meaningful, and even fun ways to deal with it?  Let’s find out.

Join us for week three of our live-streamed Sunday worship services: (On Sunday morning this link will connect directly to the 11am live stream. Until we go live, it connects to recordings of past live services). 

We’ll sing, light a chalice, “greet” one another, share a story and see if there’s an upside to being bored.

“The best way out is always through.” (Robert Frost)

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Please Note: The pulpit exchange with has been rescheduled and will happen at a later date.

Steven Epperson is the Parish minister.