Encountering Our Ancestors XII 2016

October 30, 2016

Encountering our Ancestors XII

Rev. Steven Epperson

with guests from the past

Music: The “Ghost” Trio – Allegro vivace

 The “Ghost” Trio – Presto (excerpt)

The “Ghost” Trio – Lento (excerpt)       L. van Beethoven
Pat Armstrong, violin; Heather Hay, cello; E. Dainow, piano

Encountering our Ancestors XII

(scripts by Steven Epperson)

To celebrate the memory of our ancestors:

A Samhain Invocation with Louise Bunn

Rev. William Bentley   (1759 – 1819)  Unitarian Minister/ Journalist/ Linguist

Mabel Osgood Wright   (1859 – 1934)  Naturalist/ Author

William Stanley Jevons   (1835 – 1832)  Economist/ Philosopher

Lydia Moss Bradley   (1816 – 1908)  Business Woman/ Philanthropist

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Members participate in a wide variety of ways in our worship services either as part of a group or presenting the sermon and key parts of the service.
Steven Epperson is the Parish minister.