East Meets West…and then?

It is a tradition in our faith, & in this church, to offer our pulpit to different peoples and different voices.

This Sunday, Cynthia Lam and Karl Perrin will offer a  joint homily, titled “ East meets West, and then what..?..”

Karl Perrin has been a Unitarian-Universalist all his life & a member of this church since 1996. He started reading the Tao Te Ching (“Dao De Jing”) at age 20 and it immediately became his favourite sacred text. Since then he’s read several different translations, and today he will present a few quotes from his favourite version. The Tao Te Ching is an ancient Chinese text.

Cynthia has traveled extensively since birth, and she grew up in Taiwan, China until she left for Canada at age of 21, and has called it home here since. The knowledge she has of her ancestors has always been a source of teaching and strength, and also a yardstick to measure her own personal growth and adaptation. Now as an Unitarian, she continues her learning along the same ‘East Meets West’ path, but she started to wonder about “…and then what”..?

You’re invited to attend the Service, and explore together this interesting journey!

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