Be Longing: Yearning as a Path to Spiritual Fulfilment

The human heart is always searching for a home. Often, this home is found in a loving community of family, friends and spiritual groups. But for some of us, this sense of deep yearning turns very poignant, even painful, leading to addiction and compulsion in various forms. When viewed sacredly through a spiritual lens, this deep yearning becomes a path by which the heart can again find its home.

Join Penelope Hagan as she reflects on the heart’s yearning, and how you can connect with your own deep craving in ways that bring a sense of belonging – to yourself and within community.

Penelope Hagan is a writer, spiritual guide, musician, touch healer, mother and homemaker who lives in Victoria BC. She enjoys nature, dancing, ritual, meditation, reading and spending time with her loves. To find out more about Penelope: