ARRESTED! One Settler’s Journey To and From

Through snapshots of turning points in her life, Nan Gregory will attempt to reconstruct her journey to the Kinder Morgan Tank Farm Gates to stand up for a just and honourable Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. She’s grateful to share with you her discomfort and excitement transiting countless open questions regarding culture, history and honour, ever seeking the ideal of a moral world.


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Nan Gregory, pictured here in a brief moment without fear, has been a member of UCV since 2009. She was drawn to join by her interest in helping institute Spirit Play at UCV, a story-based program for children’s religious education. Thus Nan spent her first three years in the basement! Coming up for air, she applied for and was accepted as a Lay Chaplain, which provided more opportunity for loving, deep, spiritually-based service through the church. Her 6-year tenure completed, she’s back helping out with CRE. Last she year she facilitated the CUC Truth Healing and Reconciliation curriculum for ages 8 through 12. It was a wonderful experience which turned out to be a big step on her journey toward getting arrested at the Kinder Morgan gates, standing up for an honourable reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

In her life before retirement, Nan worked as a storyteller, travelling across Canada, the USA, Japan and New Zealand as well as extensively throughout the lower mainland and around BC. She also wrote a number of award-winning books for children which have been translated into Japanese, Chinese, French, German and others.

Currently she continues as best she can her explorations of Indigenous cultures and concerns, studies singing—jazz and blue grass—and enjoys the company of her husband and family. She meditates. As the years go by, she’s becoming increasingly interested in the process of aging and observes those going before her for clues on how to do it well. She watches with great pleasure the children in the church grow and thrive. Her goal is truly to feel part of the great family of all living things.



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