All About Connection

Mary was once introduced to a Unitarian congregation with simply, “Mary’s all about connection.”

Whether holding hands in circle dance, introducing new members, setting up Zoom meetings or liking, commenting, and sharing on Facebook, Mary is indeed “all about connection.”

She’ll share some of the reasons for her passion from personal experience, gratitude from others, and even a theological stance of “creative interchange.”

She will likely try to persuade you to connect and engage more broadly and deeply. Be warned.

Mary has been a member of UCV for 30 years. She was the executive director of the Canadian Unitarian Council for 8 years. She is focusing her UCV volunteer time currently on working with Kiersten on intergenerational programs like Mystery Pals and Coming of Age.

Order of Service


Mary joined UCV in 1991 and has been an active member ever since. She was the Executive Director of the Canadian Unitarian Council from 2000-2008. You'll find her gardening the labyrinth, at circle dance events as well as most Sunday mornings. She co-edits the UCV Events publication and helps with the website. Her visual art can be seen at Mary usually offers at least one worship service each year, sometimes including the annual Fire Communion in late December. She loves helping new members get connected with the community. As well as the Unitarian church, she's an active volunteer in her Kitsilano neighbourhood and at arts and culture events in Vancouver including the Fringe Festival, DOXA Documentary Film Festival and the Firehall Arts Centre Theatre. A friend once commented that Mary was more likely to attend events where food was involved. With Patti she coordinates Hygge potluck dinners.