Sermon Discussions: Turning Tamiko’s Idea into a Weekly Reality

Sheila Resels is Chair of the Connect & Engage Team.

Newcomers and new members often have a hard time connecting with others at UCV. The hardest time is when they leave the service and enter the Hall room. They find themselves amongst a large group who seem to know one another…really well. It’s overwhelming. Even intimidating. So several of us asked ourselves, “What can we do?” And came up with the idea of creating a Sermon Discussion group.

Tamiko Suzuki speaking at the Wild Salmon night.

Tamiko Suzuki thought it might create a friendly, casual environment where these new folks could sit with others and converse…introduce themselves … and talk about that morning’s sermon. A shared experience. Well, she was absolutely right.

We’ve been holding the SD for nine weeks now and it’s been a real success. Those who attend are newcomers, new members and regulars. We average ten participants – the Sermon Groupies.

Sessions are moderated by a facilitator. “The discussions are thoughtful, insightful and dynamic,” said one new member. Another regular added, “This really enriches the potential Sunday experience.” One of the facilitators thanked everyone “for sharing in a meaningful discussion”. And another new member who comes frequently said, “it was a good discussion. I have been impressed so far with the depth and quality of communication in these sessions.”

There was a need to connect. The Sermon Discussions have found one way to address that need. The group meets weekly after services in the Priestley room from noon – 1:15. If you’d like more information, contact Sheila Resels on behalf of the Connect & Engage Team.


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