Registration open for Paganism 101 – Spring 2022

There are spaces now available for Paganism 101 in Spring 2022 – starts Monday, Mar. 21st. Sign up now to reserve your spot!

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About Paganism 101

Paganism 101 is a 10-session curriculum created by Louise Bunn, a member of our congregation. The Spring program will start March 21, 2022 and be co-led by Amihan Levi and Paula Stromberg.

Today’s Pagans revere the Earth and all its creatures. We see all life as interconnected, and we strive to attune ourselves to the cycles of nature. Our practices are rooted in a belief in immanence – the concept of divinity residing within.

The many modern pagans who have found a home in the Unitarian community are grounding our work in the rational structure, the intellectual balance, and the humanist core values that have descended to us from the Enlightenment. We’re working to develop a religiosity that is entirely compatible with, and complementary to, modern Unitarian rationality.

Paganism 101 is an experiential curriculum that will enable participants to conduct Pagan rituals on their own as independent practitioners. It introduces the practices, beliefs, and history of Modern Pagan spirituality, a nature-based worldview that is deeply rooted in Western Esoteric traditions. It is an active and powerful way to engage with Unitarianism’s Sixth Source — Spiritual Teachings of  Earth-centred Traditions that Celebrate the Sacred Circle of Life and Instruct us to Live in Harmony with the Rhythms of Nature.

About the co-leaders of Paganism 101

Amihan Levi, former student of Louise Bunn in the previous session, has been a solitary, eclectic pagan for three years. Her personal practice has grown since taking our Paganism program and is excited to pass on the knowledge to future students. Currently, she works as a data scientist for an environmental organization and sings in a community choir.

Paula Stromberg experiences Nature as sacred and suggests our cycles of birth, growth, and death offer profound spiritual meanings. Formerly a journalist, Paula was a dance performer and teacher for many years, specializing in Women’s Sacred Dance. She has filmed Women’s sacred sites, Pagan monoliths, and ancient matrilineal excavations throughout India, Spain, Crete, West Africa, Portugal, Cambodia, China and elsewhere in Asia. From 2011 – 2015, Paula served as International Coordinator for the the Anti-Witchcraft Allegation Coalition of Ghana. She also interviewed women in so-called Witch Camps and collaborated on a report with them that revealed the life-threatening challenges faced by poor, unwanted widows accused of being witches by people in traditional communities of West Africa. A former student of Louise Bunn, Paula looks forward to exploring pagan mysteries with you.