What Do We Call Ourselves (WDWCO) Task Force – Sept 18 Forum Summary

What Do We Call Ourselves Task Force (WDWCO)

Forum – September 18, 2022

28 in attendance at start of meeting (including 4 Task Force members and 3 advisers)


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Lifespan Corner: Your guide to 2022-2023 programming at UCV

Fall is upon us dear friends, and I hope to see many more of you in the next few months, may health prevail! The past three years have been a deep disruption in our lives and while many of you have been present in-person for … read more.

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UCV Small Groups: Fall Start-up and Refresh

Join, Create, or Register a Small Group

Do you want to connect with 6-12 people around a theme, interest, creative endeavor, or spiritual question?

Do you already organize, facilitate or participate in a Small Group, Book Discussion, Circle, or regular small gathering in-person at UCV or through … read more.

a flame burns in a wooden chalice surrounded by eight coloured pebbles, some glass, some stone

Register for Children and Youth Program Year

For all new and returning families, all children must be registered so that we have vital information about parent/guardians, children’s needs, photo permissions or restrictions, and so we can maintain appropriate child/adult ratios in the classroom.

Register your child/ren for the 2022-23 Program Year at … read more.

In the Interim: Welcome back from summer!

“I was so shocked to learn that the opposite of belonging is fitting in. Because fitting in is assessing a group of people and changing who you are. But true belonging never asks us to change who we are. It demands we be who we … read more.

ZW Blog 1 – Recycling Masks and Making Compost

A quick audit check confirmed that only masks were in the box and not other garbage
ZW at UCV Blog Post 1 –
Recycling Masks and Creating Good Compost

If you  haven’t yet noticed, it but thanks to Karen Bartlett and Yvonne Marcus, we have a box … read more.

Death Café for the Living

Our first Death Café in June was a well-attended success that left people primed for more conversation and deeper engagement. Our next offering is Friday, August 26th, 7-9pm. We will have tables and conversation groups set up in Fireside and the Hall for groups of … read more.

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UU Wellspring–spiritual deepening for the UU soul

A group of twelve Vancouver Unitarian members and friends, new and old, formed our first UU Wellspring small group last year. It was a deep, transforming experience for many of us. We are forming new cohorts this fall with the intent to spread the joy of … read more.

What do we call ourselves – summary of June 2022 survey


A paper copy of the WDWCO survey was handed out at the Sunday services of June 19 and 26. After June 26, the survey went online with the submission deadline of 06 July 2022. 122 people responded – 81 by paper, and 41 online. 103 … read more.

Spontaneous Book Group NEW!

Do you sometimes hear about a book and wish you could talk to a friend who’d already read it before you make the investment of time and possibly money?

Or you’re half way through a book and really want to talk with some like-minded person/s about … read more.

Zero Waste Book Group

The Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Team is starting a monthly one-hour zoom book club focused on books that relate to sustainability, zero waste etc.

Register with zerowasteucv@gmail.com and you’ll be added to the google group. Or join yourself: https://groups.google.com/g/uu-zero-waste-books

Open group. Registration appreciated.

It is open … read more.

Zero Waste mini conference held at UCV: Plastic Free July – Ecochallenge


by Vivian Davidson

On July 3, 2022, the UCV environment team (Zero Waste group) met at the Unitarian Centre of Vancouver where over 10 people met in person and took in a varied Zoom Eco mini-conference with the input of other Unitarian Congregations, Beacon, … read more.

Ministerial Search Committee Update and Timeline

Dear UCVers,

On behalf of the Ministerial Search Committee (Diane Brown, Michael O” Neill, Carrie Mac and Esme, John Boyle, Jenny Malcolm, Nancy Woodham, Meena Wong) I would like to share with you all that we have met twice as a committee, and going forward from … read more.

Pivot Legal Society: Our latest Outreach Opportunities Fund recipient

The next OOF recipient will be Pivot Legal Society (July 2022-October 2022).

The work of Pivot Legal Society is rooted in the belief that  poverty and social exclusion are not inevitable.

In 2001, Pivot opened its doors in response to a health and human rights crisis in Vancouver’s … read more.

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