Join the DECEMBER Food Eco-Challenge

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Enviro Page → December Eco-Challenge

It’s a beautiful reminder in December to feel gratitude for our food, and to be conscious of food waste and the impact this has on our planet
Join the Metro Vancouver … read more.

Covenant of Healthy Relations 2021 … at

The Covenant of Healthy Relations – along with related procedures – covers three pages of a report approved by the UCV board in 2021. Those three pages are in a PDF file at The text of the covenant is on the … read more.

results of a Google search for Covenant of Healthy Relations /

Covenant of Healthy Relations /

Enter the title of this post as a search term in Google to get the results you can see here.

At or near the top is a PDF file you can print as a single page. It’s the covenant. And it’s … read more.

New members at UCV!

Due to the pandemic, it’s been a couple of years since we’ve held a proper welcoming ceremony for new members. This Sunday, we were finally able to be together in the Sanctuary to welcome the most recent members of our congregation. We had 16 participants … read more.

A Glimpse of UCV’s 2021 Women’s Gathering

A fourth and even a fifth wave of feminism, you say?  Really?  Yes. I was surprised to discover this too.

I’ve recently attended UCV’s ‘Women’s Gathering’, and listened to Jo-Anne Elder Gomes present on the first, second, third, and fourth waves of feminism … read more.

A message from our outgoing UCV President

Dear Vancouver Unitarians,

I have been honoured to serve as President these past two years of change and growth, and also honoured to be asked to stay on as President. I declined the invitation to stay on due to my full time job resuming and other … read more.

The Principles as Covenant

“The Principles are not dogma or doctrine, but rather a guide for those of us who choose to join and participate in Unitarian Universalist religious communities.”
—Rev. Barbara Wells ten Hove 

“We, the member congregations of the Canadian Unitarian Council, covenant to affirm and promote” is the introductory … read more.

Join a Women’s Group

There are two UCV women’s groups ready to welcome one or two additional participants. One meets monthly on Tuesday evenings and the other 2 Fridays per month in the afternoon. We now have several women’s writing groups and are about to start another one. See … read more.

Climate emergency: We’re part of a new effort to ramp up climate action in B.C.

In September, the Vancouver Unitarians were proud to join 200+ organizations in signing the following open letter calling on the B.C. government to implement climate action of the scale and urgency required. This coming Thursday, Oct. 28 Seth Klein, one of the initiators of … read more.

Nov. 11: Let Peace Be Their Memorial – 6th Annual Ceremony

Join in a ceremony of remembrance for all the victims of war:

On November 11 at 2pm we will host the 6th annual “Let Peace Be Their Memorial” wreath-laying ceremony at the Sanctuary (949 W. 49th Ave.) 

Indoor seating will be limited, and masking and … read more.

Registration open for in-person services

Sign up for our Dec. 5 service in the Sanctuary:

For all information on registration for Sunday services: 

Note that mask wearing and proof-of-vaccination is required to attend Sunday services. For more information on the UCV’s Board COVID safety decisions and protocols, visit … read more.

Mobilizing Faith and Spirit for the Climate Crisis: Dr. Carmen Lansdowne speaks Jan. 12, 2022

Dr. Carmen Lansdowne will be the featured guest speaker in the Sanctuary (949 W. 49th Ave) Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 7p.m. 

This special event will be the second in a new UCV-organized series, “Mobilizing Faith and Spirit for the Climate Crisis.” The event … read more.

Register NOW for Paganism 101 – sessions start October 25

There are spaces now available for Paganism 101 – with sessions starting Oct. 25. Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Register now for Paganism 101:

About Paganism 101

Paganism 101 is a 10-session curriculum created by Louise Bunn, a member of our congregation. Louise is … read more.

New program available: Anti-Racist Foundations

Leonie Smith and Catherine Strickland will co-host an 8-week series, Anti-Racist Foundations. This program is for UCV members and friends interested in building their capacity and skills as antiracists. The series will focus on the skills of racial self-awareness, identifying and attending to impact, … read more.

Pagan Group October News

by Mary Bennett

Samhain (saw-wen) is a version of “summer’s end” and we’re experiencing that now. In pagan traditions, this is seen as the “new year”. It’s a time to remember our “beloved dead” and at UCV a much-loved worship service is Encountering Our … read more.