Big Decisions ➔ Big Impact: UCV’s Decision-Making Task Force 

UCV spent four years carefully researching redevelopment options for our property and seeking input from congregants before deciding through our democratic vote at the November 2020 AGM to not proceed with any property redevelopment at this time. The Redevelopment Committee and the Board took many … read more.

Challenging Racist British Columbia

July 20, 2021 is the 150 year anniversary of so-called British Columbia and a recent publication by CCPA provides sobering history.

The Social Justice Committee plans to host a book study group over the summer to discuss this important publication. Please email if … read more.

Playlist : All My Relations

UCV Podcasts. All my relations, religious naturalism, and the heart of a faith for the 21st century. By Aline LaFlamme and Reverend Steven Epperson. Reflections on nature, theology and the interdependent web of life

Women’s Meditative Poetry Circle

Do you need more poetry in your life? UCV women in collaboration with the Canadian U*U Women’s Association offer a women’s meditative poetry gathering three times per week on zoom.

Note new time: First Tuesdays at 5 pm Pacific/ 8 pm Eastern – a focus … read more.

Board Statement on Anti-Racism

The Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver condemns the mass murder of the Asian women in Atlanta and anti-Asian racism and misogyny in Canada. Let us light a candle. Let us say a few words. Let us have a moment of silence. But also … read more.

Women’s Memoir Writing Series

Note: This series is now at capacity.

If you registered by sending an email to Mary prior to Saturday, March 27, and haven’t received a confirmation email, please send another email to the address below.

Our Lives as Stories

Maybe you would like to commit to paper (or … read more.

Membership Outreach Coordinator Job Posting

Membership Outreach Coordinator Job Posting

Closing date – Mar 29th, 2021

Vancouver Unitarians have been part of Vancouver’s religious and cultural life since 1909. Our vision: Because we envision a more compassionate world, we seek to deepen our spiritual and religious lives, grow and enrich our congregation, … read more.

Anti-Racism Resources

Last summer, there was a huge public response in support of Black Lives Matter as well as a call to uplift and affirm the inherent worth and dignity of lives that are continually devalued in racist systems. As Unitarians, we are committed to justice, equity, … read more.

In the Interim, March 2021

“Inevitably in our lives we commit ourselves to something, whether worthy or not. The direction and intensity of our loyalties give shape and meaning to our lives. Loyalties, commitments, covenants, the promises we make to one another: These are the things [that] tell us to … read more.

Big Decisions ➔ Big Impact: Introducing UCV’s Decision-Making Task Force

At the November 2020 AGM, the congregation voted to not proceed with developing the property at UCV. This followed a four-year process on the part of the Development Committee to carefully research options and to seek input from UCV congregants. Although many steps were taken … read more.

The Road Ahead – What’s Your Vision for Our Future?

The five fundamental tasks of our Vancouver Unitarians congregation during our ministerial transition are to successfully navigate our:

HERITAGE – Coming to terms with history by reviewing how this congregation has been shaped and formed.
LEADERSHIP – Reviewing our needs and ways of organizing … read more.

I am Atl’ka7tsem Howe Sound

Whales, and the Revolution They Inspired to Protect Átl’ka7tsem / Howe Sound

For your viewing enjoyment. A beautiful video by Bob Turner — documentary film maker and former mayor of Bowen Island.

The video was featured on the Action EveningWhales, and the … read more.

It’s not too late! UU Opportunities for Deeper Involvement

UU Opportunities for the casually inclined:

Register for and attend various events sponsored regularly by the CUC on Zoom.
Register by 1 Apr 2021 and be an observer at the CUC AGM on 8 May 2021.

UU Opportunities for the internationally inclined:

UK General … read more.

Mystery Pals Deluxe 2021

Tangible Connection and a Break from Monotony

I feel a great desire for spring, for unplugging, for tangible connections to people. Zoom and video calls help me connect with people far away, but boy am I missing people’s prescence! How about some old-fashioned letter writing? It’s … read more.

Alderwood Family Development Centre Child drawing with chalk on sidewalk-a rainbow, hands, and a sun

Education, Resiliency, and Healing

Vancouver Unitarians’ Koerner Foundation Funds Committee is pleased to announce that the Board has approved a grant for the Alderwood Family Development Centre for a project that provides the opportunity for education, resiliency and healing – by offering child and family drum … read more.