Coming of Age Orientation night – One mentor’s perspective

To This I Give My Heart: Coming of Age Orientation

One mentor’s perspective

by Mary Bennett

Seven mentors and seven youth (mentees) gathered in Hewett Centre on Sunday, September 20th, most in person and another 4 via zoom, to begin a year-long journey of getting to know each … read more.

Zoom October Update

October’s theme is Deep Listening

and yes! deep listening is possible on zoom!

Learn more about Soul Matters themes here: and on Facebook here:

Virtual coffee hosts

John Smith – 1st Sunday
Donna – 2nd Sunday:  includes Book group at 12:30 pm
Erin – 3rd Sunday
Nan – 4th Sunday … read more.

Wild Salmon Actions — Rally and Street Theatre

From the office of Liberal MP Terry Beech, to a Wild Salmon Die-in outside the DFO, the Wild Salmon Action Team joined the demand by First Nations and wild salmon stakeholders to close fish farms in the Discovery Islands

Forest Walk – September 2020

It started with a callout by the Sierra Club to organize a Forest March to protest the loss of old growth trees. After some discussion, a trio from the UCV Environment Team decided they would organize a visit to the forest but it would not be in protest of anything. Rather it would be a meditation on Nature and our love of her

CUC Leaders Roundtables: 31 Oct 2020 & 28 Nov 2020

4th Saturdays, monthly, 9 AM Pacific time 

Report on the CUC Leaders Roundtable of 26 Sep 2020:

Seven UUs from Halifax, Huronia, Niagara, Lakehead, Calgary and Vancouver participated. We discussed space rental as a revenue source, rental rates, human resource consultants, staff reductions and … read more.

Participate in Water Communion

How to participate in the Vancouver Unitarians Water Communion on September 13th, 2020

In the Interim – September Update from Rev. Lara Cowtan

I have been in Vancouver since the beginning of August, settling in as UCV’s Interim Minister for the next two years. What a beautiful city! Aside from exploring and unpacking, my weeks have been filled with online meetings with UCV members, leaders, staff and committees. … read more.

A Garden Party to Welcome Rev. Lara

The UCV Board hosted a Welcome to UCV Garden Party for Rev Lara Cowtan on Saturday Aug. 8th. Attendance was limited due to Covid-19 precautions, however, a splendid time was had by all, and the weather cooperated just in time!

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… read more.

Announcing “Soul Matters” Themes for 2020 – 2021

UCV has adopted the “Soul Matters” sharing circle subscription which will be used as a resource to guide our small groups and worship over the coming year:

From their website:
The Soul Matters small group approach was developed at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester … read more.

Action Evenings

Something new at UCV! 

On Wednesday evenings 7-8pm via Zoom, we’ll reflect together on significant issues of our times. Topics are curated and prepared in advance with videos, speakers, slideshows, and discussion points. This meeting offers a chance for shared learning, thoughtful dialogue, and the potential … read more.

Picnic, Chat and Labyrinth Walk

We sat outside, ate the lunches we’d brought (or purchased from across the street) and walked one or more labyrinths.

Mary brought her plarn (yarn made from plastic bag strips) and a spiral was laid out under the tree nearby. (See photo for how plarn is … read more.

3 BC, AB, and UK online Unitarian events – Aug 2020 to May 2021

UCV members and friends may be interested in exploring some of the following on-line learning events in the wider CUC and UK Unitarian communities.

1. Exploration of World Religions

8 Sep 2020 to 18 May 2021, twice a month, Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00 pm Pacific (see dates below)

In … read more.

Early Days of the Enviro Team

When did the Environment Committee begin? At the 1995 retreat? Years earlier when recyling started at UCV? Both answers are correct? … Two longtime Unitarians share their memories and stories of the early days of the Enviro Team.

Oak Street Parking Lot Entrance Closed

CLOSURE OF OAK STREET PARKING LOT ENTRANCE. For safety reasons, the Oak Street entrance to the UCV Parking lot will be closed indefinitely, starting August 15th. The Fremlin Street entrance will be the main access to the parking lot.

Changes to Video Management of Older Services on YouTube!

We are so fortunate to be able to provide live-streamed services to enjoy from the comfort of our own homes! I for one have also been enjoying the ability to tune in Sunday night instead, freeing me up to spend quality time with my husband … read more.