Post-Election Potluck and Conversation

An Invitation from Rev. Steven Epperson to UCV members and friends:

Hewett Hall, Saturday, November 12, 2016 6-8:30 pm

Given the outcome of the elections in the States on Tuesday, and the thoughts and feelings many of us may be experiencing, I thought it would be helpful to gather for some food and conversation. Bring a dish to share and your good selves.  I will be there and glad to be in the company of any and all who wish to show up.

In the meantime, some thoughts borrowed from Bruce Levine that my partner shared with our Stateside families:

Though dark thoughts, feelings and tears are reasonable responses to difficult circumstances and horrible news, there are other strategies we can bring forward: a thoughtful detachment in order to see, understand and to bear witness a dark sense of humour collective resistance and cooperation kindness to fellow sufferers and savour those moments of respite that come by focusing on the beauties of nature, and on our children and grandchildren.

My best to all on this grey, drizzly Wednesday morning.  Steven Epperson