Women’s Poetry Group – For June we’re doing poems by Indigenous authors

June update:

Reminder (and new link) – drop in to hear a new poem every Sat & Sun @ 9am Pacific time on GoogleMeet
For June we’re doing poems by Indigenous poets.
Then we’ll discuss a theme for July.
To receive the poems, whether or not you join us on GOOGLEMEET (no longer zoom), send an email to womens-meditative-poetry+subscribe@googlegroups.com


April Update

April is National Poetry month and our women’s meditative poetry group is celebrating by inviting all women and non-conforming genders to try us out.

We are an intimate little group, currently four regulars who live between Vancouver and Fredericton (although admittedly whole provinces are not represented!)

We don’t mind being small AND we’d like to share our group and poetry practice with others. We’ve been meeting for a year and a half.

This year’s theme for National Poetry Month is INTIMACY. We trust that even if we double or triple in size, by the nature of what we do together, read and reflect on poetry, this will always be an intimate group.

We started in the fall of 2020, and have met at 9 am Pacific on Saturdays and Sundays ever since. It’s only 15 minutes and we take turns choosing and reading a poem 3 times with some sharing of reflections in between.

We have an email group and have now decided to forward all the poems we read so that those who can’t join us will get a specially curated poetry collection. We choose a theme for the month and take turns choosing and sharing a poem.

To join the Poetry email group: send a message to womens-meditative-poetry+subscribe@googlegroups.com

To just show up during April, sign in to ucv.im/cuuwa (for Canadian Unitarian*Universalist Women’s Association–our co-sponsor).

April is “just try it” month, but ultimately we’re looking for people who would usually attend at least once a week.

Start your weekend days with poetry–or if you’re in Eastern or Atlantic Canada, take a mid-day break for poetry.

If you’d like to see past themes and poets, (we used to choose just one poet to focus on) just search this website for “poetry”.

We’ve done

  • June – Indigenous
  • September – Latin American
  • March – Beginnings (Spring)

And rather random themes like Food!

The poets are almost always female (once we accidentally chose a male poet, not knowing from their name what their gender was!) and we try to find Canadian poets as much as possible.

See other posts and information on women’s gatherings here: https://vancouverunitarians.ca/community/connecting/womens-groups/

National Poetry month: from https://poets.ca/npm/

This National Poetry Month, we invite you to celebrate with the theme of INTIMACY.

We crave it. We fear it. We are ready to build walls against it and dive headfirst into its open arms. Intimacy is the closeness we feel with those who love us, given freely through warm hugs or tender passions. Its a shared laugh or glance between strangers, a moment of comfort in an anonymous world. Intimacy is a-la-carte: romantic, platonic, aromantic, familial, spiritual: order up what you need, and intimacy will take you there. Let’s get intimate with poetry this April for National Poetry Month 2022.

Poem in Your Pocket Day

On a select day in April, celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day across Canada. The day encourages people to select a poem, carry it with them, and share it with others throughout the day. Find out more at poets.ca/pocketpoem

Join the #NPM22 Conversation!

Share your NPM activities and join the conversation by tagging us on Twitter @CanadianPoets. and use the official #NPM22 hashtag.

About National Poetry Month

Established in April 1998 by the LCP, NPM brings together schools, publishers, booksellers, literary organizations, libraries, and poets from across the country to celebrate poetry and its vital place in Canada’s culture.

Poem in Your Pocket Day

Each year on Poem in Your Pocket Day, schools, bookstores, libraries, parks, workplaces, and other venues ring loud with open readings of poems from pockets. As a special collaboration, the leading membership-based poetry organizations that sponsor National Poetry Month in North America—the
League of Canadian Poets and the Academy of American Poets—have created a guide to inspire and assist with local Poem in Your Pocket Day celebrations.

We could celebrate at UCV on Sunday, April 3.  Just tuck a poem in your pocket before you head to UCV that day.




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