Home: The Power of Connection in a Disjointed World

(Note: This recording is missing the first minute of the sermon. The complete text can be found at http://vancouverunitarians.ca/services/creating-home/)

We crave connection and the comfort of a place to call home. A place where we feel held, secure, welcomed, and loved. Where we are free to relax into our selves, while our best selves are encouraged and our short-comings held with grace. How do we take a microcosm of families and individuals across the metro area and make of this place a home? How do we create connection spaces where a sense of belonging is cultivated?

Kiersten E. Moore is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist who has lived in many places across North America. Though she has continuously uprooted herself from places and differing career paths, she has always sought out UU churches and fellowships in the places she has lived which has ultimately led to her role as Director of Religious Education here at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.