Outreach Opportunites Fund Nominations

Every year, the Outreach Opportunities Fund (OOF) Committee selects three recipients to be given 25% of the funds from the Sunday collection. Recipients receive the funds for four straight months: the average amount awarded is about $1,800. Traditionally, the Committee has selected the beneficiaries of the fund but this year we would like to seek nominations from the wider congregation.

Nominated organizations must comply with OOF’s selection criteria: registered charities that undertake social justice or environmental sustainability work with a focus on vulnerable or marginalized communities. Priority is given to smaller charities in the Vancouver area rather than large national ones. The charity must not have a formal affiliation with a religious organization or political party. Only nominate a charity with which you have some connection, e.g, donor, volunteer, board member, etc.

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OOF Nomination form

Submit the form by Sept 9, 2018, to Melody Mason or leave it in the OOF mail box in the UCV office


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