Our Whole Team’s Strength: Note from UCV President Diane Brown

The UCV Board of Trustees just completed an all day workshop on Jan. 30. The focus of this fulsome workshop, led by CUC’s Joan Carolyn, was on leadership and change, working from our strengths, acting on our Transition Team Task Force’s excellent reports and recommendations, and developing our capacity and leaders for tomorrow.


“All our lives we need others and others need us. Multigenerational ministry is about creating and sustaining congregations through which we collectively embody wholeness. Wholeness is not a personal accomplishment because none of us is whole alone. Wholeness is something we accomplish together in creative interaction with one another, in communities where all our members are welcome, where all contribute, where all give and receive. All our lives we need others and others need us.”

– Rev. Rebecca Parker


There will be another Forum on the Sanctuary Upgrades Sunday Feb 14 at 12:30 via zoom. Please click ucv.im/forums 

We are also organizing a Decolonizing Practices Workshop:

Because we as Unitarians are committed to creating a more inclusive, compassionate and equitable world, we are organizing a Decolonizing Practices Workshop for staff, board, and interested members.

The Board would like all of us to have the opportunity to get better informed on decolonizing our practices and how to diversify our organization’s membership and board to include more people who identify as Black, Indigenous or person of colour. We need to identify the barriers to our organization and to develop the solutions. This one-day workshop will include a half-day on the history and ongoing colonization in Canada.

The Decolonizing Practices Workshop will be in the spring – either April or May – and hopefully live and in person. If Covid prevails, we will pursue an online format. If you are interested in this, please let me know so I have an idea of interest and numbers; president@vancouverunitarians.ca

Finally, the UCV Board of Trustees invites all members to please join us Sunday Feb. 28 at 12:30 PST by zoom for three inspiring reports and their resulting recommendations from three Ministerial Task Forces; Lynn Armstrong will present from the Organizational Design Task Force, Mairy Beam from the Long Term Staffing Task Force, and Olivia Hall from the Young Adults Task Force.
Each report will include succinct recommendations for UCV to consider implementing moving forward. Please go to ucv.im/forums.

We invite you to attend this Forum and, in the moderated Q and A components at the end of each report, to please offer your feedback and input. This conversation will inform the Board’s ultimate decisions. 

With thanks and gratitude,


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