Our Gardens Are Growing

Yesterday I’d harvested a lot of leaf lettuce–some to give away and some to make a salad for the annual Environment team potluck and yearly planning.

I’d created a bowl full and put out with some parsley and green onions and zucchini for people to take.

Just as I was getting ready to go into the sanctuary for the service, Pat came out and said: Mary, there are no flowers at the front of the church. Can I take the lettuce?

I thought it was one of the most beautiful displays ever!

It’s fun to play in the gardens.

The next gardeners work party is Wed. Aug 22. Join us 10-12 noon and then for a potluck including harvested veggies.

After the service, I then approached Wanda who had just joined the Connect and Engage team and was getting an orientation and gave her a zucchini: We give a zucchini to anyone who joins a committee for the first time, I joked.

There’s more hens and chicks and lavender in the inner courtyard. The garden path is bursting forth with Rudbeckia/black-eyes Susans (which I could have picked if anyone had asked for flower;. but they didn’t–they asked for lettuce!)


Earth Spirit