Canadian UU National News – July 2017

CUC Vision Contest

In 2016 the CUC approved a new statement of vision and aspirations. Now the CUC is sponsoring a sermon-writing contest and an art contest to highlight these new statements. There are three age categories for art submissions and prizes for winners in both sermon and art contests. Deadline for submissions: 1 Feb 2018. For more info contact .

As Canadian Unitarian Universalists,
we envision a future in which our interdependence calls us to love and justice.

The full statement of CUC vision, aspirations, and mission are located here, with links to the CUC principles and sources.

UU Congregations across Canada

Here are links to most Canadian UU congregation and fellowship websites. They’re useful when you’re visiting from away. Or, sign up for some of their eNews letters.

Here are some of their website mastheads and celebratory graphics:


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