Mystery Pals – They’re Back!

Make a Friend at Church

Back after an amazing 2018 launch: create connections across generations!

The mystery only lasts a little while, but the friendship can be much longer.

Sign-up to be a Pal to someone older or younger than yourself—we would love to have everyone involved and will match any pair from different generations (roughly 20 years apart). To facilitate anonymity, each pair will be identified by a Canadian Civil Rights Activist  with a corresponding “mailbox” envelope in the Hewett Centre Hall.

Celebrate May 5th after the service with a Mystery Reveal Party.


Anyone age 4 – 104 is eligible to participate if you have regularly attended our congregation for six months or more, are known by someone in our church leadership (RE Director, Minister, Board, or committee leader), and can commit to the following:

  • Deliver one of the following options to your mystery pal “mailbox” on Sundays. You may send email through the DRE if you miss a Sunday.)
    • a letter, note, or clue
    • art of your own creation
    • a homemade item/small gift or token
  • Attend the Mystery Pal reveal celebration on Sunday, May 5th, bring a festive snack to share.


Having friends at church of different ages helps create a safe and connected community—it is a lot more fun when we know people. This is a chance to get to know someone you might not meet on a regular Sunday.


Sign up before Sunday, March 24th, receive your famous Unitarian mailbox on March 31st, send mail throughout April, and the Mystery Pal Reveal celebration will be right after the service on May 5th.


Read the guidelines below and fill out our online FORM. All personal information will be kept private and only used by the Director of Religious Exploration to help facilitate mail delivery. You may also pick up a paper form from the events bulletin board, the Children Program bulletin board, or the welcome table on Sundays. There is an envelope for form collection on the Children’s Program bulletin board. You can also send an email or speak with Kiersten Moore, DRE directly.


1. All eligible persons wishing to participate, please fill out this FORM and turn in to the Director of Religious Exploration, Kiersten Moore, in person, via e-mail ([email protected]) or in the DRE mailbox at the office. Sign-up ends on Sunday, March 24th.

2. Sunday March 31st, Each Mystery pair will be assigned a Canadian Civil Rights Activist mailbox and given information about their Pal, including some interests, likes, and dislikes and instructions on how to address your letters.

3. April 7th—First Sunday of mail exchange! There will be envelopes on the CYRE Bulletin Board in Hewett Hall (before the refugee rummage sale) marked with your Activist. You can use these envelopes to leave and receive letters, drawings, notes, small gifts, etc. Please keep your correspondence worthy of sharing with parents and friends.

4. Deliver mail weekly April 7th – May 5th. If you miss attendance on Sunday, you can still send notes, letters, or drawings by email through the Religious Exploration Director (Kiersten): [email protected]

5. May 5th – Reveal Party! – Bring a final note, letter, drawing, small gift, or other token along with a snack to share after the service at noon in the Hall.


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