Mary Bennett

When I jokingly made a new year’s resolution to become spiritually developed and have matching towels, I had no idea where that would lead.

This church was one of three religious groups I checked out back in 1989–and with all of its (and my) warts and all, this is what stuck. I joined in 1991 after “just browsing” for two years.

In 2017 Mary was awarded the Lifetime Member Award.

Mary joined the congregation in 1991 after “just browsing” for two years and has been an active member ever since. She was the Executive Director of the Canadian Unitarian Council from 2000-2008. In 2017, she was given the award of lifetime member.

You’ll find her gardening the labyrinth, at circle dance events as well as most Sunday mornings.

Mary usually offers at least one worship service each year, sometimes including the annual Fire Communion in late December.

She enjoys sacred circle dancing at the church and elsewhere. She’s a graduate of  Paganism 101 course and is dreaming up a circle dance cum pagan ritual for the coming year.

As chair of the Connect and Engage Membership subcommittee, she loves helping new members get connected with the community.

As well as the Unitarian church, she’s an active volunteer in her Kitsilano neighbourhood and at arts and culture events in Vancouver including the Fringe Festival, DOXA Documentary Film Festival and the Firehall Arts Centre Theatre.

A friend once commented that Mary was more likely to attend events where food was involved. That’s very true.

Mary’s a visual artist and often shows her work at the church. You can view her art on her website.


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