Lynn Armstrong “I’m with kindred spirits with Unitarians”

Lynn has moved around a lot! Her first Unitarian home was with the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship 1990-2000 where she had active involvement in various roles (not all at the same time): Newsletter Editor for many years, Chair of Membership Committee, Chair of Denominational Affairs Committee, Canvass Co-chair, Archivist, occasional RE teacher and four years on the Board with two years as President.

Here’s where I live
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When children graduated and flew the nest, Lynn moved to Victoria where she was an active member of the Victoria Church 2000-2002. Then a move to North Vancouver led to joining the North Shore Church 2002-2005 where she was Chair of Denominational Affairs. Lynn was often a delegate to PNWD and CUC meetings and was active in the BC Council serving as first Chair. She was a member of the CUC Nominating Committee 2000 to 2004 including a year as Chair. She was a member of the HUUG Team 2001-2002 (Helping U*U’s Grow) and a Service Consultant with the CUC Regional Network 2003-2005.

After checking with son and daughter who both said “Go for it Mom!,” Lynn moved to Surrey just south of London, England where she lived and worked for eight years. She visited Unitarian congregations in England but never felt “at home” in the way she experienced in Canada. She didn’t find the same sense of kindred spirits.

In 2013 Lynn returned to Calgary where she was actively involved with the local Unitarian church for two years before returning to the Lower Mainland and finally fulfilling her teenage prophecy of joining the Unitarian Church of Vancouver where she is enjoying involvement with committees for Social Justice, Environment, Communications and Canvass and appreciating being with kindred spirits yet again.

Current identity in addition to being a Unitarian: retired Social Worker, very happy grandmother to three grandsons who call her Nan, cross-country skiing enthusiast, social activist and adventurer.


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