Family Room

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949 West 49th Avenue

V5Z 2T1


The Family Room (Green Room) is a short walk from the Sanctuary, in our Administration Building (the  low building farthest south on the site.)

It is furnished to enable a group such as a wedding party or performers to make their last minute preparations.

It can be your “Green Room” for performers or a space for organizers to convene privately during a large event. It is often also used as a small meeting room for 6-8 people.

There is natural light and a door that opens directly onto the courtyard. Partitions can be closed between the room and the rest of the administration offices.

It’s suitable for small meetings. 6-8 persons can be seated around the table. Up to 12 can sit comfortably in the room using the couch and chairs. It contains a large full-length mirror, two-seater sofa, chairs, lamps, coffee table, and meeting table with chairs. There are two washrooms and a kitchenette adjacent to this room.

Size: 16′ × 12′ (4.9 × 3.7m)

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