UCV community links and a virtual literature stall

In this time of COVID-19 we need to use UCV community links even more than usual. The weekly Order of Service now includes a list of links like the one here.

https://ucv.im/live … Livestream link for Sunday church services (active at 10:55am every Sunday). When we’re not live, it links to our YouTube channel where you can find past homilies.
https://ucv.im/oos … An online version of the current Order of Service
https://ucv.im/coffee … Virtual coffee hour – every Sunday immediately following the service
https://ucv.im/give … How to donate from anywhere
https://ucv.im/events … The most frequently updated list of UCV events
https://ucv.im/sermons … A text-based archive of sermons – a virtual literature stall
https://ucv.im/core … An archive of core documents: board minutes, annual reports, …
https://ucv.im/newsletter … The latest monthly e-bulletin

This post fronts a shameless plug for the item next to last in the list: a link to a virtual literature stall (lit stall).

When you watch the livestreamed service at ucv.im/live on Sundays you are asked to have the online version of the current Order of Service at ucv.im/oos on view in another tab on your browser so you can follow along.

After the service, you can then go to that tab, scroll down to the list of community links, and click on the link to the virtual lit stall at ucv.im/sermons to view or download a copy of the prepared text for the sermon if the speaker has provided one.


The above is a lit stall post at ucv.im/2020-06-09ga first published on June 9, 2020. The featured image shows the cover of the Order of Service for the preceding Sunday.

You also can find this post at vancouverunitarians.ca/links. Please note that the date displayed with the post is the date of its latest update.

In the bulleted list below are the three latest posts tagged as lit stall posts.

If you haven’t read it already, please see the post about lit stall posts for more information.


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