Leonie Armstrong

I’ve been a full member of this congregation since 2012. Among other things, I serve on the Worship Service Committee, the OWL (Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education) Committee, co-chaired the 2016-2017 Vision Task Force with Paul Prescod, and organized the congregation’s Young Adult Welcoming and Inclusion Project group. I’m trained as a THRRC (Truth, Healing and Reconciliation) facilitator, and in Spirit Play.

Ever since I learned the word, my favourite question has been “why?” which made me both a difficult child and an inevitable Unitarian Universalist. As a UU, I’m a liberal Christian, a student of Trickster, in conversation with the Buddha, a disciple of the great Sir Terry (Pratchett), and endlessly fascinated by the intricacies of the external and internal worlds.

As a human being, I’m a bisexual, genderfluid-female, Scots-German Canadian humanist storyteller and performer with ADHD. I’m an advocate for recognizing and celebrating plurality in faith, culture, ability, age, perspective, politics, sexuality, gender identity, relationship identity and (consensual) expression, and really the whole glorious tapestry of human existence. I’m not queer, but if pressed, I will accept the sobriquet “strange and wondrous.” It seems appropriate.


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